Reflecting Him

When I was in the 4th grade my class had an invention contest. My invention was simple, and put together at the very last minute. I took a pencil and stuck an extendable eraser on the end of it. At the time you could buy extendable erasers, but the pencil/extendable eraser combo did not exist, and I thought that would be a genius idea. Apparently the judges did as well because I won first place. Imagine my surprise when I went to buy school supplies in 6th grade only to discover that Pentel had manufactured the pencil I invented, and had not given me any credit. Now if it was up to me that pencil would have had my name inscribed on it in gold and it would have had a picture of my face on it. The package would have read “Jason Chandler’s Amazing Pencil/Extendable Eraser Combo(what a genious)”, or something to that affect. Now you may say “Surely, Pentel was not sending spies from Japan into an American 4th grade invention contest”, but I will maintain until the day I die that they did.

The reason I am telling this story is not to get the credit I rightfully deserve for one of the greatest inventions of our time (that’s right, greatest), but it is more to say this. I imagine in a much, much bigger way that is much more incredibly consequential than this example, it is similar to how God feels when He sees one of His created who is living for something other than Him. His desire is that when people look at us they will not see how great we are, but instead will see how great He is, and even see an image of Him through us.  (as silly as this example may sound) The sad thing is lately I feel that pencil is no less reflecting my name and my geniusness to all who come across it as I have been reflecting the name and glory of the One who knew me before birth.   It is a sobering thought to process…

So, I have pulled out the old Pentel extendable eraser pencil from the collection of old pens and pencils that have accumulated over the years (yes, I actually bought one of these after they stole my idea…I know, ridiculous.  But, it was too useful and amazing not to have, even though I could have given them some ideas on how to make it much better, but that is another story).  The hope is that I can use it as a reminder of who’s glory I am seeking: mine or my Saviour’s.pencil(Most of this post was taken from a comment I made on the worship journey blog, and was inpired by a post from b/.  The link to check it out is to your right, my left.  That’s right I am inside your computer.)



One thought on “Reflecting Him

  1. Thank you for that last comment about being inside of my computer. I laughed out loud in quite a hearty fashion.

    What an incredible idea, using your pencil/extendable eraser combo that I will henceforth refer to as “Big Squint McGoo’s Phenodible Penaser,” (Because it is not just phenomenal or incredible alone, but rather phenodible) to remind you that your life should be a continual reflection of God’s glory. I am humbled by this post and the amazing ways God speaks to us out of His glory in such understandable ways in order that our finite minds may grasp a small slice of His infinite majesty.

    The old “sun/moon” analogy was great, but very disconnected since I am neither the sun or the moon, nor am I related to either one of them (nor do I know anyone related to either one of them). This Penaser story will be a continual reminder of reflection and glory. Thank you again.

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