wait for it…

So, I was talking to one of the two people that read my blog the other day (this person will remain anonymous in this post for satirical purposes except to himself and the other person…that’s right).  He inquired when he could expect to see more unforced rhythms posted to the site.  So I have decided to answer his question about when to expect a post in this post of which he is actually expecting to be posted (The irony will make you crosseyed).

To make a long story semi-short, I have sat down to write a couple times since the last post during the two and a half spare minutes of my day and after completing my groundbreaking monologue I have realized my thoughts were partly unfounded, partly false, and mostly incoherent.  So, I have had to go back to the proverbial drawing board, each time coming up with less and less truthful inspiration.  Some call this writers block, but I am beginning to realize it is actually listener’s block.  I have to slow down and listen to what God is trying to say to me.  Right now I am only getting bits and pieces of something much bigger.  So, the answer is simple: when it is not forced. 



3 thoughts on “wait for it…

  1. I wanted to let you know that you can say 3 people read your blog. I read it, I have a link to it on my missions blog…so yeah, I will wait for you to say something. But don’t wait for earth shattering revelation- sometimes it is a simple something that is really profound. Here is an example for ya- Deer standing on the side of the road or running along side my car make me think of God- but I don’t blog about it, because I haven’t figured out WHY they make me think about God, yet.

  2. Thanks for reading. I have officially added you to my blogroll.

    I agree. No earth shattering revelations are necessary. Maybe a few things that shatter my perception of the world, or just some small things I am learning through my journey. Right now I am coming up with questions, but no answers, and that will drive an engineer insane.

    I understand the deer thing somewhat. Most things in nature bring some connection between me and God, be it wild animals or mountain ranges. I think a lot of it is the untamedness of it. I always enjoy seeing deer, especially through a scope at 50 yards, broadside, with a large rack, but I enjoy watching them even when I am not hunting. Deer running along side my car however make me think about insurance.

  3. perhaps you post your questions and see what happens. maybe we agree we have the same questions or maybe we help give some thought toward the “answer.”

    and on the other- Geico comes to mind

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