Big day ahead//Day one//travel

I am checked in at the Atlanta airport awaiting my flight to Washington DC.  I have a 6 hour layover in DC before I head to Johannesburg, South Africa (17 hour flight) and then I get to get on another plane to Lusaka, Zambia.  I actually planned the huge layover in DC (crazy…I know) in order to leave the airport and visit my sister who lives in DC.  She was pregnant and the baby was due last week.  Turns out the baby did not make an appearance until 5AM this morning!  Talk about good timing!  Shortly after I woke up to get to the airport, I get the text message that my neice, Addison Chandler Rogers had been born!  God is amazing!  So, my mom will be picking me up from Dulles Int Airport and taking me to the hospital where I can meet the baby.  The hospital is fairly close to the airport, but please pray that I will get out of the airport with ease, traffic will not cause any delays, and I can get back through security with no hiccups for my connecting flight!   Pray that I will get some rest on the long, long, long plane ride!  I will meet the design team in DC, so pray for those relationships to form and for us to come together as a team.  Finally, pray for my family that I am leaving behind.

I appreciate everyone that is praying and supporting me!  You are awesome!  Below is a picture of me at the hotel packed and ready to go.  Sarah called me a pack mule.


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