He’s lovin’ it!

Jason asked me to sign in and let you know that not only is he alive, but he is loving Zambia! He just finished a long day of work (it’s 7 hours later there, so it’s close to bedtime).  The 8-hour car-ride to get to Samfya was as uneventful as an 8-hour car-ride in Africa can be, so that’s good.  🙂

He plans on calling throughout his night tonight to get updates on the Auburn game…nice to know that he’s keeping up with the things that are truly important.  Ha!  🙂

They didn’t have electricity yesterday so he couldn’t update the blog himself, and the internet cafe is closed tomorrow, but we should hopefully hear more from him and his trip on Monday.

Thank you for your continued prayers and WAAAAARRRRRR EAGLE!!!

Love, the wifey (aka Sarah)


One thought on “He’s lovin’ it!

  1. It’s good to hear from you (through Sarah). I am thankful you are safe and enjoying yourself. Look forward to keeping up with you. We loved having Sarah and the boys spend the night last night – missed you.
    Gigi, Gayle

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