Small world//Day 7//Work continues

Even though I am halfway around the world from home, I cannot get away from the influence of the great state of Alabama. One of the other missionary couples that are currently living and working with the Samfya Bible School are the Fullers from Alexander City, Alabama! Billy Fuller was a contractor in Alabama, and he and his wife moved to Kenya about 15 years ago to help construct a medical facility. Several months ago they moved from Kenya to Samfya to assist with the proposed construction for the school facilities. It is good to know that the master plan design will be left in good ol’ boy hands!

We are continuing to work hard on the design. Yesterday I dug some perc test holes with a true Zambian auger (aka shovel), estimated the proposed water/wastewater demand, analyzed water samples, and collected more site information. It is starting to come together, but we still have a long way to go before Friday.

Please pray that God will reveal himself to the design team and to the people of Samfya in amazing ways over the coming days. Also, continue to pray for the health of the team. The only illnesses that have affected the team so far are, one of the architects has had some allergy issues, and the team leader has a small cold. Please pray for them. Thanks!


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