Part of something much bigger//Day 10 & 11//Out of Samfya

We completed the presentation of the master plan development yesterday!  The master plan is not complete at this point, but the bulk of the concepts have been formulated and mulled over with the leaders of the bible school.  Our job in this process has been to listen to their collective vision for the ministry and translate that to a plan that they can use for future growth while providing technical suggestions where possible.  They are actually ready to implement the first phase of the plan almost immediately!  The photo above is a draft of the master plan site layout that one of the architects drew by hand!  The final master plan document will be finalized in the next couple months through collaboration with the volunteers and the eMi staff at home.  It has been very encouraging to be a part of such an incredible ministry through which many people will come to know Christ.

During our team devotional time yesterday, we were talking about being part of the collective body of Christ, and that each of us play a role in that body.  Part of that is the tecnical talents that we are able to use in this situation.  Each of us have obviously different giftings, and we all played a role in the work we were doing.  I could not draw a site layout like this one if I had a year to do so, let alone a couple days.  Another thing I could not do is successfully minister to Bemba speaking people in rural Zambia and the DRC.  There are obvious language and cultural barriers that would reduce my effectiveness in that ministry.  Thankfully, this school is training leaders that are making a huge difference in those areas, and I get to be a part of equipping them to do that great work!  What a priviledge!

For example, one of the things I have included in the design for the school is the utilization of biological slow sand filters on their drinking water.  These can be constructed out of materials found locally for little cost and can dramatically increase the quality of the water they drink.  The students will be able to receive education on constructing these filters so they can take this knowledge back to the villages and change the mindset that all water is drinkable.  This simple process could easily save lives!

Today we made the 8 hour trek back to Lusaka and are staying at the guest house that we stayed in to start the trip.  Tomorrow we will be taking a 6 hour bus ride to Livingstone where we get to do more touristy stuff like visit Victoria Falls and go on a safari in Botswana.  We will fly out of Livingstone on Wednesday to begin the long journey home.

Please pray for safety during travel, and during our excursions.  Thank you for your continued prayers for the work going on at Samfya Bible School!


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