Botswana//Day 14//Chobe National Park

During this trip we have been to or near a lot of countries.  From the US our plane stopped in Senegal before continuing to South Africa.  You cant really count those as being there since we didn’t leave the airport, but it counts to me.  Of course we spent the majority of our time in Zambia.  On our way to Samfya, we drove within a stones throw of the DRC.  Still doesn’t count, but we did get our picture with the DRC in the background.  Yesterday at the falls we went into Zimbabwe.  Today we went on a safari to Botswana, and we unofficially parked the boat in Namibia.   There is no stamp on our passport to prove that, but we did touch the ground there!

The safari was very exciting!  The only cat we saw was a leopard, but we saw tons of elephants, hippos, antelope, kudu, impala, crocs, warthogs, cape buffalo, etc.   Some were even uncomfortably close to our vehicle!  Bear in mind that I did not have an incredible zoom on my camera taking the shot of the elephant below.  She did not seem to happy about us being there either!

Tomorrow we head home. Not at all looking forward to 24 hours of flying, but I am ready to see my family!   Technically, since we are 7 hours ahead of the time in Auburn, you could say that we are from the future, and we are travelling back in time to come home.  I have obviously been with a bunch of engineers for 2 weeks!

Please pray that travel will be as smooth and safe as possible.  Pray for jet lag to not give us fits when we get home.  Pray for our transition back into US culture.  Also, pray for Sarah and the kids as I am coming home.  Particularly, pray for Will who is fighting a possible ear infection.  Thank you all for your prayers and support!

PS.  Last call if you want me to get you something specific in Africa.  I will have a little time in the morning to get stuff before we head to the airport, so let me know in a comment.  Nothing too big though.


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