Home sweet home//Still processing

For those that have not seen or talked to me since I made it home, I wanted to let you all know that I made it safely. It was another long journey across the pond, but it was worth it (both coming and going)! I am glad I was able to do this, and look forward to working with eMi more in the future. I still have to finish up my design for the master plan that is planned to be finalized by December, on top of all the stuff that has piled up on me while I was away, but again…it is worth the effort!

Fortunately, I seem to be overcoming jet lag. I went to work on Friday, even though everyone told me that was crazy. It was actually good because I was able to get a head start while everyone else in the office was halfway out the door for the weekend, as opposed to Monday morning when everyone would be nose to the grind. It was sort of like I was easing back in.

Sarah and I got to go to the AU vs Clemson game Saturday while my parents took the kids. We got their tickets, they got our kids…sounds like a fair trade! Thanks mom and dad! Not going to comment on the quality of the game, but we did end up winning.

Sunday we went to church, and I missed Africa! I love my church here, and was glad to be back, but I did not miss the rush to get in on time, getting the kids settled in their rooms, etc. They do not have a count down for the service to start in Africa. It starts when everyone is ready. To them it is about relationships and less about schedule. But, I realize that doesn’t work here. It is not our culture. Despite the schedule, church was great and it was good to see my friends again.

Today, I am back to work and mostly adjusted to the jet lag, partially reacquainted with the culture, and trying to get back into the work mindset. It is difficult though. I am still processing a lot from the trip, but one thing I have resolved from it is that I need to do my job well without being consumed by it. Please pray that I will be consumed by Christ alone. I think we all could use that prayer, and I will be praying that for you!

If you want to read more details about our trip, check out this blog from the team leader, Brad. He kept a journal during the trip and is updating his blog now that we are back. Enjoy!



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