Ready or not… // 20+10


So in exactly one week I turn 30 years old, or as I like to say 20+10. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. Just like most ages, some view 30 as old and some view it as young. Strangely enough I have found that has a lot to do with what side of the particular age you are on…weird, I know. Regardless of how anyone feels about the age of 30, it is considered a significant milestone in life. I am thinking about celebrating it like Josh celebrated his 1st birthday a couple weeks ago…by covering myself in birthday cake! Actually, I am not a big fan of birthday cake, and I imagine the pictures of me doing that would not be as cute!

Who would have thought that my third son would have turned one before I reached this age. I certainly did not expect that would be the case. Don’t get me wrong…I wouldn’t change it, I just didn’t expect it. Some are probably thinking they are surprised I even lived to reach 30 (of course assuming I make it one more week) let alone found someone that would marry me and have my children! They would not be entirely out of place thinking that. In the past 30 years, I have done some pretty stupid things with relatively low consequences (Thank God!). I have also not been the most tender hearted and loving individual that would be deserving of a bride as wonderful as mine, to say the least (Praise God for Sarah! I know she deserves that affection from me!). I am incredibly blessed to be where I am with who I have in my life! I am doubly blessed and honored to have parents that loved me and raised me to love Jesus despite my rebellion and insistence on learning things the hard way!

Bottom line, I have come a long way, but I am not done growing. God is continually working in me and through me. Here’s to the next 30 being better than the first!


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